Thursday, August 15, 2013

Model Home Project #1

We have always loved looking at model homes, but this week we found our dream home... 

I always love seeing how the professionals decorate.  I saw a couple of things that caught my eye and thought, I HAVE to make them!! 

Such FUN!! The first one is this great project I saw in a Craft Room/Office. 

First I knew I needed to find a Frame.  That same weekend I found one at a Yard Sale for $3. Took out the very old torn painting and did a bit of sanding.  I wanted to get the shabby look and add color to it as we have a VERY neutral wall color. 

Attached a bit of garden wire and used miniature clothes pins to pictures & notes.

First Picture is the Model Home Picture which I loved if I had colored walls.
Second Picture is the one I made.... 

My cost approx. $6



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