Thursday, September 8, 2016


Hello All

 Most of you know, I've had several hip surgeries and have another in November So 6 surgeries in less than 3 years. & Kyle had that dreaded shoulder surgery. So he's off work for a while

Now, I LOVE what I'm doing with Mary Kay and I have also been offered to sell Thirty-One I believe in both of these companies. I love what Mary Kay it stands for.  AND YOU HAVE TO KNOW AFTER ALL THESE YEARS I love this Blog. I love doing the giveaways

I chose to sell for both of them to help with the medical and traveling. Back and forth from Boise to SLC. To top it off Kyle will be unable to go with me this time Up in my tool bar there is a button for each

To top it off Kyle just had extensive shoulder surgery. I will share my links so you may take a look
Thank you to all that have been there for me. I love you all

And yes I will do a drawing on my personal website
If you would check them out. Can't go wrong for Holidays with either one of these.
The buttons are above. In about a week I'll see where we are and will decide if it will be Mary Kay
or Thirty-One for the giveaways


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