Sunday, July 10, 2016

Welcome Back

Hello to all

I'm so excited to be back and be able to do more again like walking alone within the house.  What a blessing!!
I know I thought I was back before and I really believed I was.. I had no clue I'd be back in for 2 more surgeries in 7 months.
 I'm so grateful for those who have sent continued prayers for me and the countless notes, cards, and letters that have been sent. Thank you to Childhood friends that surprised me in my In Patient Rehab especially when I was there on my Birthday. Dear friends from my home town of Thousand Oaks CA that surprised me.  It made it all more bearable and coming home the wonderful family & friends, I'm so blessed
Although I still do have a long road to completely be healed. I do pray the worst is behind me. 5 major hip surgeries in 2 1/2 years and MONTHS, all far away from home. I see the surgeon again this week so we will see what he says this time. And continue P.T.
Good News came not long after I came home from the 4th surgery in November.  We were blessed to be Grandparents again to a beautiful little girl.  Grace Elizabeth  

Well it feels good to be back and TOMORROW we are going to announce a GIVEAWAY!! 
And how YOU can win it!!  See you tomorrow!!

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