Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Wedding Wednesday Week #2

I know this post is a day delayed & I apologize!  It's been a crazy few days.  We moved my Brother  up here and we are feeling so blessed to have him here with us!  He is such a bright, creative person and I can't wait to pick his brain!!  For now,  I think we have him settled in. 

With the craziness of schedules of everyone, something that came to mind this week when I thought about a topic for this post was how to keep things organized for a wedding!!  There are a lot of websites out there and of course a ton of books for Wedding Planning/Organization.

I came across a great site  WEDSPACE.COM 

Everything is in one spot...  Timelimes & reminders You can register and interact with others that are planning as well. Chat with vendors, get ideas and so much more.

Now if you don't want to use a website, a spiral notebook will even work.  You will find keeping color swatches/phone numbers and any other important info all together is so helpful

Next Planning Books!  There are a lot out there  I happen to see this one at the book store and then to find it is put out by the good people of WedSPACE.COM

Wedding Planning Made Easy: Save Time, Money & Stress contains all the essentials for arranging the perfect wedding. This comprehensive, user-friendly wedding planner allows brides to plan their wedding with ease.
This beautiful book includes options, things to consider, tips and advice for all the major wedding planning categories such as ceremony, attire, photography, videography, stationery, reception, music, bakery, flowers, decorations, gifts and more.

This wedding planner combines the ultimate in wedding planning information and resources with the most modern wedding advice, making it the only book an engaged couple needs to plan their dream wedding.

NOW for the FUN!  We are giving away a copy of the book!! 

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